EarthChoice University

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to EarthChoice University! We’re looking for all students ready to learn about a number of important sustainability topics – no student loans required. Here you’ll find courses that cover everything from Brand Protection to Sustainable Paper Manufacturing.

The Evolution of EarthChoice

In this session we are going to further explore the EarthChoice Lifecycle by providing an in-depth look at each element it encompasses - from the forest to responsible production, usage, and recycling – and how it ensures responsibly comes full circle at Domtar.

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Reputation and Brand Protection

In this session you will learn about reputational risks that are commonly associated with supply chain management and how strategic partnerships with environmental, non-government organizations (ENGOs) help to mitigate those risks.

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Domtar’s Sustainability Philosophy

In this session, you will learn about Domtar’s Sustainability Philosophy and our guiding principles behind improving the use of resources across our manufacturing operations.

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Transparency and The Paper Trail

In this session, you will learn about The Paper Trail, Domtar’s social and environmental impact calculator. In addition to learning to use the tool, you will also see how The Paper Trail is affecting the marketplace and its impact on consumers.

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Sustainable Paper Manufacturing

In this session, you will learn about paper manufacturing at Domtar and how sustainability plays a major role in every step of the process. You will also learn about the various types of paper that Domtar produces and how they are being used to create products we consume on a daily basis.

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The Post-Consumer Fiber Market

In this session you will learn about the current post-consumer fiber market, qualities of recycled and virgin paper, and the importance of certified virgin fiber in the paper-making process.

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In this session you will learn about greenwashing, how it identify it and tools to avoid it.

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Energy Use at Domtar

In this session, you will learn about energy use in pulp and paper manufacturing; from biomass, to renewable energy, and how Domtar uses and produces energy.

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