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Ashdown Mill
285 Hwy 71 South
Ashdown, AR 71822

For vendor enquiries:
Media relations: Tammy Waters,, (870) 898-2711 x26635

Mill Details

HISTORY Original mill opened in 1968.
Second paper machine added in 1975.
Third paper machine and new pulp line added in 1979.
Fourth paper machine and new pulp line added in 1991. 

Became part of Domtar Inc. in 2001.

MILL PERFORMANCE Annual paper production capacity of 680,000 tons.
Annual pulp production capacity of 700,000 tonnes.
3 pulp lines and 3 paper machines.
PRODUCTS Uncoated freesheet papers: Offset, copy paper, laser form bond and check paper.

Cellulose fibers: Bleached hardwood and softwood kraft market pulp.

ACHIEVEMENTS FSC Chain-of-Custody certified
SFI Wood procurement certified

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Arkansas Environmental Federation Diamond Award Winner for environmental excellence. 
Chairman's Best Safety Performance Award.


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