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Domtar publishing papers bring words and images to life — whether in catalogs, magazines, books or other publications. You’ll get outstanding clarity in type, illustrations and photography. You can choose from several weights and finishes for the right feel. You’ll enjoy trouble-free performance on press. And you can even find FSC-certified options in the EarthChoice® family of papers. Cover to cover, it doesn’t get better than this.

Century® Premium Opaque

Century® Premium Opaque is indeed a premium sheet. It has a smooth, hard sized printing surface that has excellent strength, stability and folding properties. 

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EarthChoice® Tradebook™

EarthChoice® Tradebook™ is specifically designed for today's book market. It is manufactured to PPI standards to ensure that publishers get the high bulk they prefer.

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Guardian® Opaque

Guardian® Opaque is economically-priced and offers proven offset press performance 

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Printers Opaque

Printers Opaque is a blue-white lightweight opaque sheet with 80 brightness that offers excellent dimensional stability and on-press performance.

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TitaniumJET is a light-weight premium product that provides superior ink jet printability with rapid dry time for wide format, high speed ink jet devices. It offers an outstanding color gamut and excellent formation with high brightness and opacity for a crisp image.

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Vista® Opaque

Vista® Opaque is a highly opaque, titanium-filled sheet. Its excellent strength and stability properties make this grade ideal for projects that require four-color print work.

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Vista® Ultra

Vista® Ultra is a highly opaque, titanium-filled sheet, accented by a pleasing 83 brightness. It is an excellent choice for four-color print jobs that require premium quality features.

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