The EarthChoice Product Line is the largest family of environmentally responsible papers ever assembled.  A broad range of business, publishing, printing, converting and specialty papers, EarthChoice is your ideal end-to-end solution for projecting a greener image.

To qualify for the EarthChoice Product Line, papers must meet the stringent criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines. 

Century® Premium Opaque
Century® Premium Opaque is indeed a premium sheet. It has a smooth, hard sized printing surface that has excellent strength, stability and folding properties. With its 90 brightness, it is an excellent choice for pharmaceutical insert jobs that require premium quality features.
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 ci2000® is an envelope product optimized for the demands of the flexographic printing environment.

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Cougar® gives you the power to transform your best ideas into beautifully printed pieces that are as visually stunning as they are economically viable. And now we're transforming Cougar to give you even more vibrant color, sharp images and consistent press performance.

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Cougar® Digital

You rely on Cougar® for traditional print jobs everyday. You can get the same dependable quality for digital printing from Cougar Digital, the premium uncoated paper guaranteed for success across a wide array of digital printing platforms.

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Cougar® Digital Color Copy
Cougar Digital Color Copy has been enhanced to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. The same great product engineered for the digital age. It has everything you’ve come to expect from our premium quality Cougar – now 3-Star Rated and Photo Certified for HP Indigo 5500 series and higher presses.
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EarthChoice HOTS®
EarthChoice HOTS®  are intensely bold, bright fluorescent colors that deliver a powerful punch to any printed material. It is easy to capture your audiences' attention when printing on one of our EarthChoice HOTS.
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EarthChoice® Tradebook™

EarthChoice® Tradebook™ is specifically designed for today's book market. It is manufactured to PPI standards to ensure that publishers get the high bulk they prefer.

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EarthChoice® Colors
EarthChoice® Colors is a dazzling selection of stylish pastels, whites and creams that are available in a broad range of weights and finishes.  EarthChoice Colors include Multipurpose, Opaque Text & Cover, Index, Tag, & Vellum Bristol.

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EarthChoice® Envelope

EarthChoice® Envelope, an FSC certified product, is especially engineered for stellar performance in high-speed equipment.

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EarthChoice® Envelope Colors
Domtar's EarthChoice® Envelope Colors are manufactured to unique smoothness and caliper specifications with strength and stiffness properties that optimize converter efficiencies.
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EarthChoice® Office Paper
EarthChoice® Office Paper is an everyday, dependable paper for all office printing and copying. It's engineered to run smoothly on a wide variety of printing equipment and guaranteed on all high-speed copiers and laser and inkjet printers.
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EarthChoice® Opaque Offset 30%
EarthChoice® Opaque Offset 30% is a 94 bright offset paper containing 30% post-consumer fiber, providing customers with a desirable product that combines certified virgin fiber and recycled content.  
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EarthChoice®30 Recycled Office Paper
FSC® certified EarthChoice®30 Recycled Office Paper is a dependable everyday paper containing 30% post-consumer recycled fiber. It’s engineered to run smoothly on a wide variety of printing equipment and guaranteed on all high-speed copiers, and laser and inkjet printers.
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EarthChoice®50 Recycled Office Paper

Domtar EarthChoice®50 Recycled Office Paper was created for customers desiring a higher level of recycled content within their everyday use paper, as well as FSC certified fiber. It’s engineered to run smoothly on a wide variety of printing equipment and guaranteed on all high-speed copiers, and laser and inkjet printers.

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First Choice ColorPrint®
First Choice ColorPrint® is a heavier weight, presentation quality paper perfect for rich color copying, inkjet and laser printing. Its surface and stiffness characteristics deliver outstanding print quality with vibrant colors and crisp blacks. You can expect that every sheet will consistently deliver a super smooth surface and exceptional formation with a dazzling 98 brightness.
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First Choice® Cover & Card

First Choice® Cover and Card is a heavier weight paper that complements the First Choice line of presentation papers.

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First Choice® MultiUse

First Choice® MultiUse is a presentation-quality paper that produces rich colors and sharp details for text and graphics reproduction on a variety of imaging equipment. With its high 98 brightness and heavy 24 lb. basis weight, First Choice MultiUse has a true quality look and feel.

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Guardian® Opaque

Guardian® Opaque is economically-priced and offers good offset press performance and excellent folding strengths for pharmaceutical end-use.

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Husky® Copy30

Husky® Copy30 is manufactured with 30% post-consumer recycled fiber and is an economical yet versatile paper for internal documents and everyday use.

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ImagePrint® MultiUse

ImagePrint® Multiuse is more than reliable – it’s a proven companion for general laser and inkjet applications. With its high 98 brightness and blue-white shade, it’s an everyday frontrunner for excellent contrast in both color and black-and-white printing.

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Lynx® Digital

Lynx® Digital Smooth is the reliable, resourceful and cost-efficient product which can be printed digitally and maintain quality without sacrificing creativity. Available in a broad range of basis weights and sizes for all types of printing platforms.

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Lynx® Opaque Ultra

Lynx® Opaque Ultra features all the qualities you love about Lynx Opaque — accelerated. With improved print quality and sheet formation, a striking 96 brightness, true white shade and increased opacity on 50 lb., 60 lb. and 70 lb. text, it’s noticeably changed. And we think you’ll like what you see.

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Printers Opaque

Printers Opaque is a blue-white lightweight opaque sheet with 80 brightness that offers excellent dimensional stability and on-press performance.

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Reply Card
Domtar Reply Card is a reliable on-press performer with trouble-free printing and consistent quality. With excellent strength, stiffness and bulk, this product meets U. S. Postal Service regulations.
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Vista® Opaque

Vista® Opaque is a highly opaque, titanium-filled sheet. Its excellent strength and stability properties make this grade ideal for projects that require four-color print work.

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Vista® Ultra

Vista® Ultra is a highly opaque, titanium-filled sheet, accented by a pleasing 83 brightness. It is an excellent choice for four-color print jobs that require premium quality features.

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