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When was Domtar Corporation created?
• Domtar Corporation was incorporated on August 16, 2006 in the state of Delaware for the sole purpose of holding the Weyerhaeuser Fine Paper Business (the “Predecessor”) and consummating the combination of the Weyerhaeuser Fine Paper Business with Domtar Inc. (the “Transaction”). The Predecessor was owned by Weyerhaeuser Company prior to the completion of the Transaction on March 7, 2007. Domtar Corporation had no operations prior to March 7, 2007 when, upon the completion of the Transaction, we became an independent public holding company.
What is the stock symbol?
• Domtar Corporation common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “UFS”. The CUSIP number is 257559104.
Does Domtar Corporation pay dividends?
• Regular quarterly dividends of US$0.375 per share are payable to holders of Domtar Corporation common stock (NYSE/TSX: UFS). Upon authorization of the Board of Directors, the dividends are paid the 15th of the month following quarter end (July, October, January and April).
Who should I contact regarding share certificates, estate settlement, change of name or address, stock transfers, mailings?
• For such inquiries, please contact our Transfer Agent.
Who should I call for questions about Domtar Corporation?
• Investors requiring additional information about Domtar Corporation should contact the Company’s Investor Relations Department at:

Phone: (514) 848-5555  “investor relations”

How can I determine my cost basis for tax purposes?
• Please contact your tax advisor to better understand and establish your cost basis for Domtar shares sold.
• As Domtar does not maintain a database of its shareholders, if you own stock certificates, please contact our Transfer Agent.
• If you have your shares in custody through a brokerage firm, please contact the broker directly for your records.
Who is Domtar’s Independent Public Accountant?
• Domtar's independent accountants are PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Legacy Domtar Inc. Stockholders

Has Domtar changed its name, ticker?
• Domtar Inc. has become an indirectly owned subsidiary of Domtar Corporation, a newly formed independent public holding company, as a result of the Domtar Inc. - Weyerhaeuser Fine Paper Business transaction (the “Transaction”) that closed March 7, 2007.
• Domtar Corporation common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “UFS”.
Where can I find historical financial information for Domtar?
• Due to the nature of the Transaction, the historical financial information of Domtar Inc. formerly reporting in Canadian dollars and according to Canadian GAAP is now outdated. 
What was the last day of trading for Domtar Inc. common shares?
• March 6, 2007
What was the first day of trading for Domtar Corporation common stock?
• March 7, 2007
What was the record date to approve the plan of arrangement?
• The record date for the special meeting to approve the Plan of Arrangement was January 27, 2007.
If I held 100 Domtar Inc. shares, what do I own now?
• U.S. stockholders: you now own 100 shares of common stock of Domtar Corporation.
• Canadian stockholders: either you own 100 shares of common stock of Domtar Corporation, 100 exchangeable shares of Domtar (Canada) Paper Inc. or a combination thereof.
Will I be issued new share certificates of Domtar Corporation in exchange for my Domtar Inc. shares?
• Yes. New share certificates can be issued to registered holders of Domtar Corporation. Please contact our Transfer Agent.
How will the adjusted cost basis be determined?
• Your cost basis per share will be based on the price you paid for your Domtar Inc. shares prior to March 7, 2007.
• Please note that based on the volume-weighted average of the trading prices of the Domtar Inc. common shares on the New York Stock Exchange as reported by Bloomberg Financial Markets for Tuesday March 6, 2007, we believe that $8.51 (Cdn$10.01) could represent a reasonable fair market value for each Domtar Inc. common share as a redemption value and new cost basis for your Domtar Corporation or Domtar (Canada) Paper Inc. exchangeable shares.
What are the tax implications?
• Shareholders are advised to consult their investment advisor or their tax advisor with respect to tax consequences of this arrangement.
• For further information, please refer to the “Material Income Tax Considerations” from the Notice of Special Meeting of Domtar Securityholders and Management Information Circular filed with SEDAR on January 31, 2007.

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