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Port Huron Mill
1700 Washington Avenue
Port Huron, Michigan 48060

Telephone: 810-982-0191
Fax: 810-982-4057

Wood Procurement:
Patrick Hoy
T: 810-982-0191

Mill Details

HISTORY Original mill built in 1888.
Paper line expanded to include glazed tissue and drug wrapping paper in 1916. 
Three new paper machines added between 1956 and 1969.
Purchased by Pentair Inc.  in 1983.
No. 6 paper machine rebuilt between 1984 and 1985.
Purchased by E. B. Eddy Ltd. in 1987. 
Became part of Domtar Inc. in 1998.
MILL PERFORMANCE Annual paper production capacity of 113,000 short tons.
4 paper machines

Uncoated freesheet: Lightweight high-opaque printing papers and lightweight paper.

Specialty and packaging: Foil laminating base papers, wax laminating papers, base papers for hot-melt film coating, grease resistant papers, and selected surgical paper specialties.


FSC Chain-of-Custody certified
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Awarded the 2000 National Pollution Prevention Award by the Michigan Pulp and Paper Environment Council

Recognized by the Governor of Michigan for their participation in pollution prevention programs


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